We are always striving to make your experience with us as enjoyable and convenient as possible. We have an in-house pharmacy stocked with a variety of prescription drugs, supplements, flea and tick preventative, and shampoos. We offer competitive pricing on our in-house pharmacy and most medications are available the same day. Please call in advance for any required refills, this gives us time to fill the medications and eliminate your wait time.

Request to Purchase from an Outside Pharmacy

If you elect to have your pet’s prescription filled through an outside pharmacy, we are happy to provide a written prescription and or approval online. Please note that in order to process a prescription the law requires that one of our veterinarians must have seen your pet within the past 12 months. Some medications will require checking blood tests in order to refill. Written prescriptions can be provided for you to pick up in person. If you choose to use an online pharmacy all you need to do is request the medication and the pharmacy will contact us for approval.

We now offer medications to be delivered via Click the link to request medications for your pet.

*All medications need approval from the prescribing doctor. Pricing is based on and can not be modified by our clinic. This is a third party and Mira Loma Animal Hospital cannot access any shipping information, nor can we control delivery times. Please be aware, if your pet needs the medication right away the delivery option may hinder the treatment process.

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